About us


Packaging MPZ srl established in 1998 has experience and success around the world. We sell serviced Tetra Pak™ used filling and application machines.

Many of our clients who have purchased TBA3, TBA8, TBA9 and TBA19 filling machines have often come back to us without even looking for other options from our competitors as they have felt secure in our hands. 

We provide a comprehensive solution from project conception to completion for the beverage processing, filling and packaging industry for sectors such as dairy, wine and fruit juice.

We primarily sell used and reconditioned filling machines/ lines but we can also provide new processing and end of line machines. Together with our partners we can provide you with a full service to meet your needs at a competitive price. 

We are a small dedicated company with no intentions to over expand. This gives us the advantage that we can always offer machines at the right price and build a good relationship with clients so they will be known to us by name not by number.

We plan and realize solutions according to the clients requirements with individually constructed lines of the specialist machine sector.

If needed we are available to give assistance with dismantle and installation of filling lines. We have been proved to be able to offer a very quick and efficient service compared to our competitors.

You can rely on our competence and know-how.

You can rely on our successes.

You can rely on our experienced team of technicians for any repair or adaptation needed.